Reliqua is one of Ireland’s leading archaeological consultancies providing archaeological and cultural heritages services to private developers and public agencies:

  • Archaeological assessments, excavations & monitoring
  • Cultural Heritage Statements & Desk Top Studies
  • Built Heritage Surveys & Conservation Projects
  • Public Outreach & Experimental Archaeology

Based in Glasnevin, Dublin, we offer a cost effective professional service for all parts of Ireland. Our goal is to provide an effective service focused on the needs of our clients while mindful of the responsibilities and opportunities in maintaining our national heritage. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any projects.

We maintain a regularly updated blog to provide an insight into some of our projects. Please feel free to browse

Fernhill, County Dublin, the Darley family, and the building of Australia.

Excavating an enigmatic granite structure on the west and windy slopes of Fernhill estate, County Dublin brought an unexpected series of coincidences to mind. Interpreted as a cereal kiln of the medieval era, the structure was composed of boulders and roughly cut stone derived from the granite outcrops surrounding it. In short it was aContinue reading “Fernhill, County Dublin, the Darley family, and the building of Australia.”

Kirwans Lane, Galway.

Travellers to Dublin Airport in recent years may have noticed the large display showing a stone lined medieval street, advertised as one of the tourist attractions to be visited in Ireland. The street on display is Kirwan’s Lane, in Galway City, It is one of the oldest streets in Galway, possibly dating back to theContinue reading “Kirwans Lane, Galway.”