Archaeological & Cultural Heritage Services

Reliqua is a dedicated archaeological and cultural heritage service led by Dr Neil O’Flanagan. We carry out archaeological excavations, assessments, and monitoring, to the highest professional standards, and to the satisfaction of the statutory authorities including the National Monuments Section, and the National Museum. We provide an efficient, cost effective professional service to our clients, from large multinational organizations, private developers, local authorities, to local community groups.

Archaeological Services:

  • Archaeological Excavations
  • Archaeological Assessments 
  • Monitoring and Test Trenching
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Strategic Impact Assessments
  • Public Outreach and Exhibitions

Cultural Heritage Services:

  • Historic Building surveys
  • Photogrammetry
  • Local History & Heritage
  • Public Archaeology
  • Heritage Planning

In addition to archeological fieldwork, our portfolio includes historic building surveys, cultural heritage statements for EIA’rs, and public exhibitions of experimental archeology.

The company is led by Dr Neil O’Flanagan, a long time archaeological licence holder and professional historian, with experience of working in all parts of Ireland, the UK, and Australia. We are based in Glasnevin, an historic suburb of Dublin with its origins in the monastic settlement of the 6th century AD, and now more well known for the National Botanic Gardens, and Glasnevin Cemetery.

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